How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile Season 14

  • UC is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile, which players can use to avail various items.
  • We take a look at some of the ways of obtaining UC for free in the current season of the game.

Skins and costumes, in a way, have become an integral and inseparable part of PUBG MOBILE. These items are quite appealing, and players desire them at any cost. Though these items do not improve their skills, their temptation is nevertheless difficult to withstand.

Usually, most of these items can either be acquired directly by spending UC in the shop or via the Royale Pass. However, to avail the pass, players have to use the in-game currency, UC. 

Players, as a result, have to spend INR 79 to get 60 UC, INR 249 for 190 UC and so on. The amount of bonus UC increases with the size of the top-ups. For some players, procuring UC like this is expensive, as they cannot afford to spend money.

They then look for various ways to obtain UC for free in PUBG Mobile. If you are one of these people, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss multiple ways in which you can obtain UC for free in PUBG Mobile Season 14.

How to get UC for free in PUBG Mobile Season 14

#1 PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is a popular GPT site where players have to complete certain tasks to earn points that they can later use to redeem several rewards present on the website. They can redeem gift cards for various e-commerce websites, which can then be used to obtain Google Play Giftcards. These gift cards can be used to avail UC in PUBG Mobile, though the cashout option varies from region to region.


#2 GrabPoints


GrabPoints is another GPT which is recommended by many players. Similar to other GPT sites, players have to answer surveys, quizzes, watch videos and download various apps to get points, which can be redeemed for Google Play Giftcards. However, it might not be available for all regions, so players must use alternative modes of withdrawal.

#3 SwagBucks


SwagBucks is one of the oldest, and a go-to, sites for many users. Players have to earn SB, which can be exchanged for various rewards. The can earn SB by just answering a daily poll and doing a search. The redemption process varies from country to country. Some might have an option to cash out in the form of Google Play Giftcards, while others don’t. If the former isn’t available, players can avail Paypal Money, which can be used to purchase UC in PUBG Mobile.

Though the rewards are somewhat less, it is always better to have something than nothing.

Choice of app is also a matter of preference. There are several apps like Google Opinion Reward and PollPay, which the players can also use. Also, there are several other legit sites like YSense and InstaGC.

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